AoA iPod/iPad/iPhone to Computer Transfer


Transfer content from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your computer



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iPod Transfer is an application that allows you to easily manage the files on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone without needing to use iTunes or any other intermediary.

iTunes doesn't let you recover content that you only have housed within a device, which means that if you lose your iTunes library, you'll need a special tool that will help you make a copy of any of the music, videos, or apps that you have on your iThing.

You can access all of the available options from a simple interface. You can manually transfer files from your device to your computer, or make a backup copy of everything. The program also comes with a file explorer that you can use to view and manage the content on your machine in a much simpler and freer manner than you could with Apple.

Finally, the program includes the ability to convert videos into predetermined formats compatible with Apple devices, to optimize playback and save disk space by using the most appropriate resolution.

The trial version allows you to transfer 20 files and convert 50% of videos.

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